Variable speed air conditioners for your enclosure

Schaltschrankkühlgerät SlimLIne Vario mit drehzahlgeregeltem Kompressor KG 2002 Schaltschrankkühlgerät mit drehzahlgeregeltem Kompressor Seifert Schaltschrankkühlgerät mit drehzahlgeregeltem Kompressor

The compact compressor with its variable speed, can be set to provide only the cooling power which is actually needed. The constant adjustment results in a very uniform temperature level within the cabinet and therefore stresses the electrical components and the cooling significantly less. This results in higher safety and longer life cycle. In addition, the condensation inside the cabinet is minimized.
The SlimLine Vario Series sets new performance-to-size standards which makes it particularly suitable for special applications such as battery cooling. 

TypeMountingCooling capacity (95F95F)Material housing
KG 2025Wall mounted / recessed1640 BTUMild steel, powder coated
KG 2002Wall mounted1770 BTUMild steel, powder coated
KG 8625Wall mounted / Recessed8700 BTU/hrMild steel, powder coated

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