Energy efficient LED enclosure lighting

LED enclosure light with On-Off switchLED enclosure light with motion sensor SL 4000 LED enclosure lights SL 4000

Our new stripLite LED enclosure  lights have been especially designed to meet the criteria of illuminating control cabinets. Integrated on/off switches, motion sensors and re-enforced plastic covers and a wide voltage range (24 V- 265 V AC / DC) allow an universal use. The fixing mechanism is based on magnetic clamps and requires literally no installation with maximized mounting possibilities. StripLite is the energy efficient and maintenance free solution for your cabinet or enclosure lighting.
Please note that the light fittings are supplied without connector and without cable. These need to be ordered separately!

SL 4000Enclosure light 400 LmMagnets, clipsCE, cURus, CSA
SL 4007Enclosure light 700 LmMagnets, clipsCE, cURus, CSA
SL 4012Enclosure light 300 LmMagnet, clipsCE, cURus, CSA
WS 4070Wieland female connectorScrew connectionCE, cURus, CSA
WK 4071Connection cable with Wieland female connector, 118.1 inchPlugCE, cURus, CSA
DC 4072Connection cable with Wieland male & female connector, 19.7 inchPlugCE, cURus, CSA
DC 4073Daisy chain cable with Wieland male / female connector, 39.37 inchPlugCE, cURus, CSA
DC 4074Connection cable with door switch and Wieland female connector, 138 inchPlugCE, cURus, CSA

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