Fan heaters and PTC heaters for your electrical enclosure

Enclosure fan heater KH 401Enclosure heater KH 801 with thermostat Enclosure heater KH 501

Fan heaters have a small and compact design, they heat up dynamically and are very quiet in operation. The internal warm air is equally distributed throughout the control cabinet. Further advantage of fan heaters compared to PTC heaters is the much lower starting current. PTC heaters are compact in size, have a wide voltage range and the heating power adjusts in relation to the ambient temperature, resulting in better efficiency. KH 801 heater series come as a standard with an in-built thermostat

TypeHeating powerApprovals
KH 501-2525 WCE, RoHS, cURus
KH 502-2525 WCE, RoHS, cURus
KH 501-5050 WCE, RoHS, cURus
KH 502-5050 WCE, RoHS, cURus
KH 501-7575 WCE, RoHS, cURus
KH 502-7575 WCE, RoHS, cURus
KH 501-100100 WCE, RoHS, cURus
KH 502-100100 WCE, RoHS, cURus
KH 502-150150 WCE, RoHS, cURus
KH 501-150150 WCE, RoHS, cURus
KH 503-250250 WCE, RoHS, cURus
KH 503-400400 WCE, RoHS, cURus
KH 503-500500 WCE, RoHS, cURus
KH 503-750750 WCE, RoHS, cURus
KH 401-300300 WCE, cURus, RoHS
KH 401-350350 WCE, cURus, RoHS
KH 801-125125 WCE, cURus, RoHS
KH 801-200200 WCE, RoHS, cURus
KH 801-400400 WCE, cURus, RoHS
KH 801-800800 WCE, cURus, RoHS
AC/DC Power SupplyCE, RoHS

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