Filter less enclosure cooling

Enclosure air conditioner to protect sensible electronic componentsAir conditioner for 19" rack mounting for IT enclosures Enclosure air conditioner filter less with 2800 BTU

The optimized wide-ribbed aluminum condenser provides improved cooling performance and ensures reliability in industrial operations. High quality components form the basis for the smooth running and long working life of the SlimLine air conditioners.
Cooling capacities are available from 1090 up to 5,120 Btu/hr. The units can be externally or recessed mounted and are only 4.5 inches deep and therefore currently the slimmest air conditioners on the market. As only small apertures need to be cut for mounting, the cabinet doors remain stable. All of our units are available in both painted carbon steel and stainless steel for maximum corrosion protection. These closed loop air conditioners are built to the latest US standards using the environmentally acceptable refrigerant (R134a) and certified to cURus and cULus, type 12 rating. In addition NEMA 4x upgrade kits are available for most of the models.

TypeMountingCooling capacity (95F95F)Material housing
KG 4266External / Recessed1130 BTUMild steel, powder coated
KG 4267External / Recessed1450 BTUMild steel, powder coated
KG 4268External / Recessed1450 BTUMild steel, powder coated
KG 4269External / Recessed1770 BTUMild steel, powder coated
KG 4270External / Recessed2050 BTUMild steel, powder coated
KG 4271External / Recessed3020 BTUMild steel, powder coated
KG 4272External / Recessed4090 BTUMild steel, powder coated
KG 4274External / Recessed5120 BTUMild steel, powder coated

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