ComPact Line - the economical cooling solution

ComPact Line - the economical enclosure cooling solution Enclosure air conditioner with display and condensate evaporation ComPact Line - the affordable enclosure cooling solution

Reliability and user friendliness are the best ways to describe the electronic controller being used in the ComPact air conditioners. The display indicates temperature and operating status and can be easily set and adjusted by the user via a Touch Pad. 
A complete model range from 1,090 BTU up to 13,660 BTU with simple operation were the key ideas during the development. We have also placed a strong emphasis in standardizing components, versions and sizes thus diminishing the need of large spare part stocks, complex training or long unit selection processes. All ComPact units have a powder coated mild steel housing (RAL 7035).
For applications were hygiene and corrosion protection are required, we offer a stainless steel cover for all ComPact models. Air conditioners with a cooling capacity of 1700 BTU and above can be optionally supplied with an electric condensate evaporator. For optional filter media for the ComPact Line please click here

TypeMountingCooling capacity (95F95F)Material housing
KG 4304Wall mounted1230 BTUMild steel, powder coated
KG 4305Wall mounted / Recessed2120 BTUMild steel, powder coated
KG 4308Wall mounted / Recessed2660 BTUMild steel, powder coated
KG 4309Wall mounted / Recessed3000 BTUMild steel, powder coated
KG 4310Wall mounted / Recessed3680 BTUMild steel, powder coated
KG 4315Wall mounted / Recessed5560 BTUMild steel, powder coated
KG 4320Wall mounted / Recessed6820 BTUMild steel, powder coated
KG 4325Wall mounted / Recessed8560 BTUMild steel, powder coated
KG 4330Wall mounted / Recessed10240 BTUMild steel, powder coated
KG 4340Wall mounted / Recessed13650 BTUMild steel, powder coated

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