Accessories for enclosure air conditioners

Peltier controller for heating and cooling Electronic variable temperature thermostat 301510 NEMA 4X cover for enclosure cooling units Filter holder stainless steel for enclosure cooling unit Aluminium filter for enclosure air conditioner

Specifically designed accessories for our cooling units allow these units to be used universally. By adding for example a Cover Kit made of stainless steel 304 (V2A) to your existing or new SlimLine cooling unit, these units will now pass the strict NEMA 4X rating. The cooling unit is now suitable for operating in the food processing industry and in outdoor applications where requirements like hose water and ingress protection are necessary
You also find on this page filter media, an external condensate evaporator, temperature controller and condensation kits for thermoelectric coolers.

Order NumberNameRemark
SP-43040001-O-2Fibre filter media 4304For ComPact Line KG 4304
SP-43040001-O-1Fibre filter media 4305/08/09/10For ComPact Line KG 4305 / 08 / 09 / 10
SP-43150001-O-1Fibre filter media 4315/20For ComPact Line KG 4315 / 20
SP-43250001-O-1Fibre filter media 4325/30/40For ComPact Line KG 4325 / 30 / 40
SP-43040001-BF-2Washable aluminium filter 4304For ComPact Line KG 4304
SP-43040001-BF-1Washable aluminium filter 4305/08/09/10For ComPact Line KG 4305 / 08 / 09 / 10
SP-43150001-BF-1Washable aluminium filter 4315/20For ComPact Line KG 4315 / 20
SP-43250001-BF-1Washable aluminium filter 4325/30/40For ComPact Line KG 4325 / 30 / 40
SP-43040001-BG-2Filter holder 4304For ComPact Line KG 4304
SP-43040001-BG-1Filter holder 4305/08/09/10For ComPact Line KG 4305 / 8 / 9 / 10
SP-43150001-BG-1Filter holder 4315/20For ComPact Line KG 4315 / 20
SP-43250001-BG-1Filter holder 4325/30/40For ComPact Line KG 4325 / 30 / 40
AC-8540/62-BY-1Vibration Protection Kit 3For SlimLine Pro KG 8540 / 8562
S/M 5930046679NEMA 4X cover 4266For SlimLine KG 4266
S/M 5930018050NEMA 4X cover 4268For SlimLine KG 4268
S/M 5930016726NEMA 4X cover 4274For SlimLine KG 4274
S/M 5930046669NEMA 4X cover 4269For SlimLine KG 4269
S/M 5930019506NEMA 4X cover 4270For SlimLine KG 4270
S/M 5930018030NEMA 4X cover 4271For SlimLine KG 4271
S/M 5930019200NEMA 4X cover 4272For SlimLine KG 4272
7800000Bimetallic temperature controllerHeating / cooling of thermoelectric coolers
1001303Condensate Kit 3030for thermoelectric coolers TG 3030 / 3050
1002303Condensate Kit 3152for thermoelectric coolers TG 3152 / 3200
1003303Condensate Kit 3102for thermoelectric coolers TG 3102 / 6155 / 6205
1004303Condensate Kit 6105for thermoelectric cooler TG 6105
1005303Condensate Kit 6405for thermoelectric cooler TG 6405
1006303Condensate Kit 6805for thermoelectric cooler TG 6805
1011305Wall Mounting Kit 1011305for thermoelectric cooler TG 3030
1012305Wall Mounting Kit 1012305for thermoelectric cooler TG 3050
1013305Wall Mounting Kit 1013305for thermoelectric cooler TG 3102
1014305Wall Mounting Kit 1014305for thermoelectric coolers TG 3152 / 3200
1015305Wall mounting Kit 1015305for thermoelectric cooler 6105
1016305Wall mounting Kit 1016305for thermoelectric coolers TG 6155 / 6205
1017305Wall Mounting Kit 1017305for thermoelectric cooler TG 6405
1018305Wall Mounting Kit 1018305for thermoelectric cooler TG 6805
82000001External Condensate evaporatorEvaporation capacity app. 250 ml/hr.
3100001Door contact switchFor enclosure cooling units

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