Air to air heat exchangers for a safe enclosure climate

Air-air heat exchanger LT 58014

Reliability and user friendliness are the best ways to describe the electronic controller being used in our new LT 58XXX air to air heat exchanger series. The adjustable display indicates temperature and operating status and can be easily set via a Touch Pad.

They comply with the NEMA and IP requirements. Our air to air heat exchangers are designed to meet all industry standards. The functional principle of an air to air heat  exchangers is quite simple. The heat exchanger core transfers the heat from the internal circuit to the ambient circuit through an aluminum surface, so there is no direct contact or mix between internal and external air. 

TypeMountingHeat exchanger performanceMaterial housing
LT 58007External4 W/FMild steel, powder coated
LT 58014External8 W/FMild steel, powder coated
LT 58032External18 W/FMild steel, powder coated
LT 58043External24 W/FMild steel, powder coated
LT 58065External35 W/°FMild steel, powder coated
LT 58100External55 W/°FMild steel, powder coated
LT 58180External100 W/°FMild steel, powder coated

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