Catalogues and brochures

Here you can find all available catalogues and leaflets for our products.

 LanguagesFile Size
SoliTherm Cabinet Air Conditioning SPANISHEN | US 2 MB
Safe enclosure cooling - Heat ExchangersEN | US 10 MB
Enclosure AccessoriesUS 3 MB
LED enclosure light SL-4000US 1 MB
LED enclosure light SL-4000 PROMOEN | US 673 kB
PTC Fan Heater KH 401EN | US 540 kB
Enclosure Fan Heater KH 801US 374 kB
Liquid cooling / chillerDE | EN | FR | US 2 MB
SlimLine Pro and VarioEN | US 5 MB
Service brochureEN | US | FR 2 MB
SoliTherm Compact US brochureUS 3 MB
SoliTherm SlimLine US brochureUS 2 MB
SoliTherm Peltier US brochureUS 1 MB

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