Sizing software to calculate your enclosure climate

1. Choose your stated measurements

2. Enter your cabinet parameters




W/m 2 K

Control cabinet surface calculated according to IEC 60 890

3. Enter your environmental parameters

Celsius Please enter the max.possible temperature

Celsius Please enter the max. allowed temperature inside the cabinet

4. Select product type

In case the ambient temperature is higher than the cabinet temperature,
only air conditioners or air / water heat exchanger should be used.


Heating Dehumidifying

Choosing this option will re-calculate your cabinet temperature and power loss will not be considered. For further information kindly contact one of our sales offices.



5. Internal heat load

Please enter the measured or estimated internal heat load inside the cabinet.



6. Start calculation

Please note that Seifert Systems shall not be held responsible for any data entered by the user and the results calculated based on those entries. The proposal of a unit is based on the maximum temperatures entered and therefore can show significantly higher capacities. Before you make a decision for a product please contact one of our subsidiaries or our sales partners. We are happy to advise you further.

I agree that my data may be electronically stored and if necessary shared with third parties.

7. Show calculation results

8. Send enquiry

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