Un anno di gestione alla Seifert Systems GmbH di Radevormwald

Time for a short interview to look back and look forward

A new job, especially when changing careers, brings many exciting challenges. Especially when a global crisis has the markets firmly in its grip. For the managing director of Seifert Systems GmbH, Lars Platzhoff, this is a special situation.

With the knowledge, experience and skills from a successful personal history, to now move into different market conditions and situations.

On the occasion of his one-year anniversary as managing director, this is a good opportunity to reflect on himself and the situation and to venture a cautious outlook on the next period.

Mr Platzhoff, you have been managing the Seifert Systems company as Managing Director for one year. With what expectations did you approach the new task at that time?

Already in the preliminary talks with Michael Seifert I realised that SEIFERT SYSTEMS is a very innovative company. This was not only confirmed, but my expectations were even exceeded.

How has the team received your strategy and ideas?

Fortunately, the employees are very open to change and work with great pleasure on the further development of the company.

What are you particularly proud of after this first year?

I am very happy to see how quickly we have been able to develop a new product line that will soon be launched on the market. Furthermore, despite the pandemic, we were able to win many new customers - obviously our products and our extraordinary flexibility are very well received in the market.

What challenges is the company currently facing?

We are significantly expanding our production capacities at the sites in Germany and Malta. The construction activities, the commissioning of additional machines and the digitalisation of the production processes require very good project management so that the production processes are not disrupted, because we have to manufacture a constantly growing volume of products at the same time.

No company can currently avoid the effects of the Corona crisis. How do you solve the challenges internally in your daily work with the employees and externally with customers, partners and suppliers?

Fortunately, our employees contribute to a very high degree - I am particularly proud of that, because otherwise our growth would not be manageable!

Furthermore, we hire new employees almost every day. We source - as far as possible - in the EU, so that the supply chains also function in these times. We secure the increased demand for input materials through long-term contracts. In particular, however, the enormous vertical range of manufacture of SEIFERT SYSTEMS helps us.

What are your personal and, of course, business wishes for the coming year?

Personally, I wish that the Corona restrictions will also be lifted in the private sphere and that we can all return to a normal life. On a business level, I wish that we can continue on the successful path of SEIFERT SYSTEMS - together with our great employees and with our loyal customers.

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