New reinforcement in sales

Kristian Pölk strengthens sales

SEIFERT SYSTEMS GmbH in Radevormwald is hiring another Area Sales Manager as of 15.05.2021. The 41-year-old Kristian Pölk has area responsibility for customers and interested parties from the north and east of Germany.

Managing Director Lars Platzhoff is pleased about the new addition to SEIFERT SYSTEMS: "Customer enquiries can now be answered even better with the help of Mr Pölk. Our company is characterised by innovation, competence and experience, which is why Kristian Pölk is a great asset to our company."

"Our product portfolio is the broadest on the market and is constantly being expanded with new innovations. This expansion of the product portfolio and the resulting increase in demand must be able to be handled by competent personnel in our sales department," says Lars Platzhoff. "That is why we are thrilled to welcome Kristian Pölk to our team to meet our customer demands and our company expansion!"

The 41-year-old state-certified technician for mechanical engineering has over 16 years of experience in sales of technical industrial products that require explanation. Mr Pölk is familiar with SEIFERT products and has already put them to use for customers.

"I am looking forward to the continued successful cooperation with SEIFERT SYSTEMS and our customers. The direct cooperation brings with it some advantages, which we want to use and expand together for the benefit of the customers," says Kristian Pölk.

Michael Seifert and Lars Platzhoff warmly welcome Kristian Pölk to the SEIFERT Group!

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