SOLITHERM CHILL - Raffreddamento per macchine e impianti


Precise liquid cooling is the reliable heat dissipation solution for machines, machining centers, server applications, laser cooling and other industrial applications. It is one of the main requirements for the smooth running of industrial production processes.

Seifert Systems offers chillers with cooling capacities from 1.5 kW to 12 kW with various option packages adapted to the respective customer needs as necessary.

Recently Seifert has successfully completed the certification process for the UL 508A Industrial Control Panel (ICP) Shop Program.

SOLITHERM CHILL - a new standard

For the first time, this new chiller series sets a standard for industrial applications:  three different heights with eight different cooling capacities, always with the same basic foot print, allow a maximum of possibilities for industrial process and machine cooling.

SOLITHERM CHILL are available as:

  • Air cooled
  • Water cooled
  • Passive water cooled 

The cooling capacities range from 1.5 to 12 kW. All models have the same design, identical connections and are equipped with the same operating philosophy. 

By using the new App, you can connect to each chiller via Bluetooth, read the per-formance data, control each parameter or re-configure the system settings. Our chillers are also available with speed-controlled compressors and fans. This technology offers even more precise temperature control of the cooling medium with high efficiency values.

SOLITHERM CHILL, SLIMLINE HEX air / water heat exchangers and SLIMLINE PRO cooling units have a uniform design and thus always give you, the customer, the same appearance of your machines, regardless of the cooling type and cooling capacity. The air / water heat exchangers can be connected to our chillers quickly and easily.

Our chillers can be used to cool a single machine, supplying water to additional heat exchangers for cooling the electronics and cooling the spindle coolant.
In addition to the standards described, our chillers can always be adapted and optimised to suit your individual application.

Models and options
ModellRC 6502 / 03 / 04RC 6505 / 07RC 6508 / 10 / 12
Cooling capacity L35W181,5 / 2,0 / 3,5 kW5,0 / 6,5 kW7,5 / 10,0 / 12 kW
CoolantWater, water / glycol mixtures, or similarWater, water / glycol mixtures, or similarWater, water / glycol mixtures, or similar
RefrigerantR153A or R134aR513AR513A
Capacity controlOn / OffOn / OffOn / Off
Operating temperature range (liquid) 10˚C - 25˚C10˚C - 25˚C10˚C - 25˚C
Operating temperature range (ambient) 10˚C - 50˚C10˚C - 50˚C10˚C - 50˚C
Coolant flow rate 15 l / min. @ 2,5 bar20 l / min. @ 2,5 bar30 l / min. @ 2,5 bar
Coolant tank volume 15 L60 L60 L
MountingFree standing (optional castor wheels)Free standing (optional castor wheels)Free standing (optional castor wheels)
Dimension H x W x D mm595 x 595 x 650 mm595 x 595 x 1100 mm595 x 595 x 1436 mm (RC 6508) / 595 x 595 x 1550 mm (RC 6510/12)
Housing material / colourMild steel, powder coated RAL 7035Mild steel, powder coated RAL 7035Mild steel, powder coated RAL 7035
Water connection2 x G3/4" back below2 x G3/4" back below2 x G3/4" back below
Voltage / Frequency230 V ~ 50/60 Hz / 400/460 V 50/60 Hz 3~400/460 V 50/60 Hz 3~400/460 V 50/60 Hz 3~
Protection classIP 54IP 54IP 54


  • ► Ensures efficient operation
  • ► Includes different control and connection options


  • ► ON / OFF compressor
  • ► Variable speed fan
  • ► Electronic expansion valve
  • ► Energy saving appr. 10 - 20%


  • ► Variable speed compressor and fan for maximum efficiency and precise temperature control 
  • ► Temperature accuracy ± 0.1˚C


  • ► Compressor heater
  • ► Condenser pressure sensor
  • ► Evaporation pressure sensor
  • ► Return water temperature sensor
  • ► Fan control depending on the condensing temperature
  • ► Pump protection cover
  • ► Electric housing heater 


  • ► RS 485 interface for MODBUS
  • ► M12 connector for communication mounted on chiller


  • ► Customised electrical connection 
  • ► Ambient temperature control
  • ► Hot gas bypass
  • ► Overflow prevention for low level installation
  • ► Expansion Medium Emulsion or oil
  • These options cannot be retrofitted, but can only be delivered ex works when ordered.


We can supply chillers equipped with the following optional features:

  • Electronic temperature control with standard ON / OFF function
  • Hot gas bypass option for precise and quick temperature control
  • Automatic mechanical pressure control valve
  • Speed controlled compressors and electronic expansion valves
  • Advanced remote fault monitoring system
  • Possibility of several cooling circuits with flow control valves

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