Consultation and development of the right solution.

We at Seifert provide a wide range of thermal management consultancy services. Whether you need to select which product to use or need a product develop for your specific needs, we can give you the right solution.

Besides their experience, Seifert’s engineers use state-of-the-art development tools including CFD, CAD and PDM. The latest UPFRONT CFD package is used to simulate air flows within the system for a variety of scenarios and allows the results to be compared and the best option selected. Customized software and mathematical models can be developed when necessary. 3D CAD is used to design the product components and the complete data is managed by the PDM database. Using the customer’s CAD model, Seifert’s engineers can integrate the product directly providing optimum use of space and features.

Prototypes undergo our normal practice where they are exhaustively tested in all aspects - airflow & impedance measurement, IP protection conformity, climate chamber testing and more. The process is a continuous improvement of the initial concepts, using tools such as thermal imaging equipment to find hotspots on PCBs and get an accurate image of heat distribution within enclosures. Customer satisfaction is the top priority at all stages.

We also use the best manufacturing processes available. Of particular note is our aluminum vacuum furnace brazing – this technology allows the creation of strongly joined, single material components with high thermal conductivity across joints. This is particularly useful in the manufacture of finned heat exchangers and cold plates for a wide variety of industries including automotive, military and telecommunications.

Thermal Management

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