Stay cool, even when it gets hot

The requirements on today’s production plants are constantly increasing. State-of-the-art switching and control technology ensures longer life cycles of the machines and systems, which also means higher demands on process safety and reliability.

Seifert offers its customers a complete service for enclosure air conditioners, heat exchangers and liquid re-cooling systems. We operate a worldwide service network with service centers for the regions AMER, EMEA and APAC as well as over 50 authorized service partners.

• Your advantage - fast processing of your request. You or your customers can communicate locally in your native language.
• Guarantees the availability and functionality of your machines.
• Available around the clock under our various service emails.

Send us an email to  or to and you will automatically receive a support ticket number. This ensures that your request is forwarded instantly to the right department and right person.

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