SOLIFLEX filter fans to ventilate enclosures effectively


SOLIFLEX filter fans and outlet filters effectively ventilate enclosures and control panels if the ambient temperature is lower than the internal enclosure temperature. Our filter fans and outlet filters have attractive plastic housing and are available for both AC and DC voltages.

Our new roof-mounted filter fans are ideal for applications where there is no space on enclosure doors or walls.

All dimensions and enclosure cutouts correspond to the market standards. The integrated filter mats inside the filter fan and outlet filter effectively prevent the inside of the enclosure from becoming dirty. Seifert filter fans can be installed without tools, and the filter can also be easily replaced.

IP 54
Top mount
Tool free filter change
Tool free installation
UL listed mark
CSA 263610 Filter fans
TypeDescriptionAir Flow Volume UnimpededDimension (A x B x C)
FL 4010AFilter Fan12 m³/h106.5 x 106.5 x 66.6 mm
FL 4023AFilter Fan22 m³/h106.5 x 106.5 x 79.5 mm
FL 4210AFilter Fan67 m³/h150 x 150 x 73 mm
FL 4210DFilter Fan47 m³/h150 x 150 x 73 mm
FL 4411AFilter Fan110 m³/h204 x 204 x 95.5 mm
FL 4610DFilter Fan225 m³/h250 x 250 x 124.2 mm
FL 4620AFilter Fan230 m³/h250 x 250 x 124.2 mm
FL 4621AFilter Fan105 m³/h250 x 250 x 111.8 mm
FL 4830AFilter Fan455 m³/h325 x 325 x 160.2 mm
FL 4883AFilter Fan820 m³/h325 x 325 x 158.5 mm
FL 6064ARoof mounted filter fan275 m³/hr147 x 457 x 457 mm
FL 6065ARoof mounted filter fan490 m³/h147 x 457 x 457 mm
FL 6085ARoof mounted filter fan630 m³/h147 x 457 x 457 mm
FL 6095ARoof mounted filter fan970 m³/h147 x 457 x 457 mm
FL 6995ARoof mounted filter fan1400 m³/h147 x 457 x 457 mm
FL 6997ARoof mounted filter fan1500 m³/h230 x 528 x 528 mm
FF 4000Exhaust Filter106.5 x 106.5 x 23.2 mm
FC 4000Protection Hood IP 56 / NEMA 4X
  • Filter fans from Seifert Systems for a safe enclosure climate

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