Filter fans to ventilate control cabinets effectively

Filter fans from Seifert for a better enclosure ventilationFilter fans for a constant cabinet temperature Exhaust filter for a better internal cabinet air Roof mounted filter fan for enclosure climate controll

Seifert offers this range in an appealing plastic molded design and in various AC and DC voltage options. All filter fan cutout dimensions comply with the market standards.
The integrated air filters at the system inlet and outlet ensure that the cabinet remains clear of dust and any other contaminating airborne particles. Mounting the fans into the cutout is a very quick procedure and requires no tools. When necessary, the filters are also easily replaceable.

TypeDescriptionMax. air volume flowDimension (H x W x D)Cut out dimensions
FC 4000Hose-proof protection hood230 x 150 x 40 mm
FF 4000Exhaust filter106.5 x 106.5 x 23.2 mm92.5 x 92.5 (+0.5) mm
FF 4000EEMC exhaust filter106.5 x 106.5 x 23.2 mm92.5 x 92.5 (+0.5) mm
FL 4010AFilter Fan12 / 15 m³/h106.5 x 106.5 x 66.6 mm92.5 x 92.5 (+0.5) mm
FL 4023AFilter Fan22 m³/h / 26 m³/h106.5 x 106.5 x 79.5 mm92.5 x 92.5 (+0.5) mm
FL 4210AFilter Fan67 m³/h / 79 m³/h150 x 150 x 73 mm124 x 124 (+1.5) mm
FL 4210DFilter Fan47 m³/h150 x 150 x 73 mm124 x 124 (+1.5) mm
FL 4411AFilter Fan110 m³/h / 130 m³/h204 x 204 x 95.5 mm177 x 177 (+1.5) mm
FL 4610DFilter Fan225 m³/h250 x 250 x 124.2 mm223 x 223 (+1.5) mm
FL 4620AFilter Fan230 m³/h / 270 m³/h250 x 250 x 124.2 mm223 x 223 (+1.5) mm
FL 4621AFilter Fan105 m³/h / 120 m³/h250 x 250 x 111.8 mm223 x 223 (+1.5) mm
FL 4830AFilter Fan520 m³/h / 580 m³/h325 x 325 x 160.2 mm291 x 291 (+1.5) mm
FL 4880AFilter Fan670 m³/h / 760 m³/h325 x 325 x 158.5 mm291 x 291 mm (+1.5)
FL 6060ARoof Filter Fan420 m³/h / 490 m³/h324 x 324 x 94 mm175 x 175 mm

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