Enclosure cooling for corrosive environments


SOLITHERM PROTEC enclosure cooling units are designed for use in extremely harsh environments, for example for applications in the petrochemical industry, in water treatment plants and in port areas. The coated condenser and coated internal pipes on the ambient side as well as a stainless steel housing made of V4A (AISI 316) ensure enhanced protection against chemicals and salt fog.

The protection classes of IP 56, NEMA / Type 12, 3R, 4X and a temperature range of -40˚C - 60˚C ensure, that your electronics are always kept to the required temperature even in corrosive environments.

TypeMountingCooling Capacity L35L35
OC 8706Wall mounted600 W @ 50 Hz
630 W @ 60 Hz
OC 8712Wall mounted1.12 kW @ 50 Hz
1.20 kW @ 60 Hz
OC 8720Wall mounted2.0 kW @ 50 Hz
2.1 kW @ 60 Hz
OC 8740Wall mounted3.9 kW @ 50 Hz
4.3 kW @ 60 Hz
OC 8762Wall mounted6.0 kW @ 50 Hz
6.2 kW @ 60 Hz
  • Seifert Systems cooling unit for corrosive environments

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