SOLITHERM CHILL - liquid cooling of plants and machines


The cooling of liquids is one of the main requirements for the smooth running of industrial production processes. Without precise liquid cooling, reliable heat dissipation from machines, machining centers, server applications or medical equipment that is adapted to the individual requirements is inconceivable.

Our core competence lies in customer-specific solutions with a high degree of flexibility and that for recooling systems with cooling capacities between 400 W and 200 kW. Your chiller could be equipped with the following optional features:

  • electronic temperature control with standard ON / OFF function
  • hot gas bypass option for precise and quick temperature control
  • automatic mechanical pressure control valve
  • speed-controlled compressors and electronic expansion valves
  • advanced remote fault monitoring system
  • possibility of several cooling circuits with flow control valves, displays and sensors for the integration of functions in machines with several circuits
IP 44
IP 55
TypeMountingCooling Capacity L35W18
RC 2005free-standing on castors440 W
RC 2021Free-standing2.8 kW
RC 2044free-standing3.5 kW
RC 3040Free-standing3.9 kW
RC 2050Free-standing4.4 kW
RC 3120Free-standing11.6 kW

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