Heat management for industrial enclosures and cabinets


Enclosure heaters are an important segment of our accessories program and form part of our thermal management solutions. Temperature differences in enclosure, mostly in outdoor applications, often result in humidity and condensation which may cause function failures and corrosion. The use of the appropriate heating unit for your cabinet will eliminate these problems.
Seifert fan heaters have a small and compact design, they heat up dynamically and are very quiet in operation. The internal warm air is equally distributed throughout the enclosure. Further advantage of fan heaters compared to PTC heaters is the much lower starting current. PTC heaters are compact in size, have a wider voltage range and the heating power adjusts in relation to the ambient temperature, resulting in better efficiency.

IP 20
DIN rail
UL recognized
TypeHeating PowerApprovals
PTC Heater25 WCE, cURus
PTC Heater50 WCE, cURus
PTC Heater75 WCE, cURus
PTC Heater100 WCE, cURus
PTC Heater150 WCE, cURus
Fan Assisted PTC Heater250 WCE, cURus
Fan Assisted PTC Heater400 WCE, cURus
Fan Assisted PTC Heater500 WCE, cURus
Fan Assisted PTC Heater750 WCE, cURus
Fan Heater300 WCE, cURus
Fan Heater350 WCE, cURus
Fan Heater with Thermostat125 WCE, cURus
Fan Heater with Thermostat200 WCE, cURus
Fan Heater with Thermostat400 WCE, cURus
Fan Heater with Thermostat800 WCE, cURus
Power Supply AC/DCCE, cURus

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