Filter less cabinet cooling

Control cabinet cooling to protect sensible electronic componentsCooling unit for 19" rack mounting to cool server applications Control cabinet cooling unit filter less with 820 W cooling capacity

The optimized wide-ribbed aluminum condenser provides improved cooling performance and ensures reliability in industrial operations. High quality components form the basis for the smooth running and long working life of the SlimLine air conditioners.
​Cooling capacities from 320 W up to 1.5 KW available. The units can be externally or internally mounted and are only 110mm deep and therefore currently the slimmest air conditioners on the market. As only small apertures need to be cut for mounting, the cabinet doors remain stable. Optional all SlimLine models can be upgraded with a master / slave function, a display, IP address and the possibility to download operational data. In addition NEMA 4x upgrade kits are available for most of the model range.​ All SlimLine indoor air conditioners meet the latest European standards and are cURus certified. 
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TypeMountingCooling capacity L35L35Material housing
KG 4266Internal / External320 W @ 50 Hz
330 W @ 60 Hz
Mild steel, powder coated
KG 4267Internal / External400 W @ 50 Hz
425 W @ 60 Hz
Mild steel, powder coated
KG 4268Internal / External400 W @ 50 Hz
425 W @ 60 Hz
Mild steel, powder coated
KG 4269Internal / External500 W @ 50 Hz
520 W @ 60 Hz
Mild steel, powder coated
KG 4270Internal / External600 W @ 50 Hz
600 W @ 50 Hz
Mild steel, powder coated
KG 4271Internal / External820 W @ 50 Hz
885 W @ 60 Hz
Mild steel, powder coated
KG 4272Internal / External1.1 kW @ 50 Hz
1.2 kW @ 60 Hz
Mild steel, powder coated
KG 4274Internal / External1.5 kW @ 50 Hz
1.5 kW @ 60 Hz
Mild steel, powder coated

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