It all started with quarantine . . . and me painting like mad. | 24.09.2020

Michael Seifert was longing for good old times, times when I was "only“ writing instead of spreading out oil colours, canvasses, brushes, aprons and lots of paint in our kitchen, on chairs, tables, cupboards as much as on paper. . . 
So he handed me this page of the Sunday Times and said that a writing competition is something for you! A short story about the lockdown. Why don‘t you? I didn’t really see a chance with entries probably from all over the world but was willing to try, and took some experiences of my own return from Sylt to Malta at the beginning of the lockdown and mixed them with some fiction, some fraction, some funny twists and DID IT! 

My story won with ten others and was published in a book alongside entries from Australia, Spain, UK and the USA. . . How cool is that?!? It is available now on amazon, probably worldwide, so, or .com.

You wanna have a look?

Wibke Seifert

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