35 years with Seifert Systems GmbH | 05.08.2020

Kai Kroll started at SEIFERT on August 5, 1985 and successfully completed his training as a toolmaker. Over the years, his career has taken him through all departments in our company. He not only knows everyone and every corner of the company, he also knows most of the customers. Who can say that he is 2/3 of his life with a company?

For Michael Seifert (Chairman SEIFERT GROUP) and Lars Platzhoff (CEO) this is of course worth something - we will organise a celebration party in our plant in Radevormwald, but due to Covid situation at a later date. But of course we also want to present something on the anniversary day ... But what?

Kai and his family like to travel privately to the Baltic Sea or to Heiligenbluth in Austria. Every year he goes for a weekend to the WACKEN music festival.

Kai is also a passionate BBQ fan. However, since Kai already has the best BBQ equipment and the best sources of meat, we as a company thought that we would take care of the liquid part and give you a reminder of WACKEN, which due to Covid situation will not take place this year. Lars Platzhoff also presented a WACKEN BEER collection with matching glasses on behalf of the Seifert family.

Since the colleagues also know Kai as an always friendly, helpful colleague and superior, there was also a collection in the colleagues circle. Esther Hamacher and Nicole Hoppmann presented a voucher for a SAGWAY event in Dusseldorf followed by dinner.

It doesn't always have to be Wacken ... :-)


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