The new software for your cabinet climate control | 05.08.2014

Calculate your cooling requirements! 
You need to calculate what cooling unit is required to keep your control cabinet at the right temperature? The new Seifert CalCoolator will do the job in 6 simple steps for you. As a result you will get the right product for your application.

Do you need to dehumidify your cabinet?
Whether you want to cool, ventilate, heat or dehumidify your electrical enclosure or cabinet, the CalCoolator will do the job for you. Just enter your specific parameters, choose the desired product type and we will do the rest!

All-in-one for your thermal management!
If you choose to use a personal computer, tablet or smartphone our CalCoolator will work with any of these devices. Scan the below QR code and you are ready to go. You'll be surprised how easy it is to use and how helpful it is. 

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