Environment, Quality and Safety

By obtaining ISO 14001 certification as an internationally recognized standard for environmental management systems, Seifert Systems is demonstrating its sense of responsibility towards our environment and the health and safety of our employees.

The internal processes are geared towards continuously improving quality, environmental and safety standards in cooperation with all company resources, suppliers and our customers.

All activities related to the production processes that may have an impact on the environment are checked, monitored and adjusted where necessary in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Simple technology used in an environmentally friendly way

In the course of the new construction of the office and production buildings in Radevormwald Germany, an environmentally friendly production hall and office heating was installed. The innovative air heat pump system does not require any fossil fuels and guarantees an even temperature distribution through the installed under floor heating.

Let's take a refrigerator as a model! On the back of a refrigerator there is usually a dark pipe mesh, which feel warm to the touch. If you open the refrigerator, you feel cold air. If you put the fridge outside, open the door and place the pipe mesh on the back in the floor base, the following will happen: the refrigerator draws heat from the outside air and releases it through the grid inside the floor.

Now replace the refrigerator with a heat pump and the pipe mesh with underfloor heating and the environmentally friendly air heat pump system is ready.

Seifert Malta - Low CO₂ emission energy supply

The production site in Malta was designed according to a Nearly Zero Energy Building.

The investment in a modern photovoltaic system ensures low energy consumption, pronounced sustainability and underlines the environmental awareness within the Seifert group of companies.

The 708 kW peak system generates 1.1 giga watts / hours and reduces CO₂ emissions by 700 tons per year (see video below).

Seifert Malta - Photovoltaic Installation

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